Ideas Platform

Anthea Behm

19 Aug – 28 Aug 2015

Above: 'Titled', Artspace, Sydney, 2015. Photo: Adrian Gebers.
43–51 Cowper Wharf Roadway
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
Sydney Australia

I want to tell you about the reality of the Indigenous villages, now following the letter of the 104 legislative decrees given by the government. They have caused collisions, or injuries, or have been harmful to the Amazon and the Indigenous territories. Why? Because they strip us from our ancestral territories. To the Indigenous villagers, they have said that we are “antisistemas”. We’re not that. We want growth, but from our perspective. We want them to fulfil the 169 Agreement, which states that they need to consult with us and these consultations have not been done.
What has happened to you friend?
One of my brothers, one of the Indigenous people, the national police have hurt him.
On the bridge, it has happened on the bridge. General, has it happened on the bridge?
I have no communication with the bridge.
I hear there are bullets.
Look how the police abuse!
They have shot bullets! To provoke us!
We are not trying to provoke, but just like always they are violent! 

Interview with Alberto Pizango Chota, President of the Interethnic Development Association of the Peruvian Jungle, and dialogue between demonstrators and armed forces near the Corral Quemado Bridge, from ‘Protests in Peru’,, by Amazon Watch, 2009

Translation by Valeria Duque

Titled brings together previous work with new site-specific pieces produced while in residence at Artspace. Collectively they engage systems of distribution and circulation, as well as the material and discursive implications of ownership — be it of land or property, of objects, or of our own image.