Artistic Program

Franco Belgiorno-Nettis Archive

Franco Belgiorno-Nettis Archive, Artspace, Sydney, 2023. Photo: Katherine Lu

A publicly accessible open repository documenting Artspace’s relationships with artists and communities since 1983.

Archive Index is evolving and an incomplete document. Feel free to contact if you see any inconsistencies with the information. 

The Franco Belgiorno-Nettis Archive is now housed in a purpose-built space accessible to the public. It contains hundreds of books and catalogues from Artspace’s 40-year history, as well as exhibition, event and performance invitations, flyers and posters, photographic and audio-visual documentation, and other materials documenting the evolution of Australia’s arts ecology.

The archive reflects Sydney’s contemporary arts community through the lens of Artspace, bearing witness to societal issues from feminism, environmentalism and sexuality through to cultural diversity, Indigenous rights and recognition. It documents milestone projects and relationships with many artists who have made their mark nationally and internationally.

Artspace acknowledges the generosity of the Anita and Luca Belgiorno-Nettis Foundation and Michelle and Guido Belgiorno-Nettis for their support of the archive.

Proudly funded by the NSW Government