Art as a Verb

4 Jun – 26 Aug 2015

Above: Installation view, 'Art As A Verb'. Photo: Zan Wimberley
43–51 Cowper Wharf Roadway
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
Sydney Australia
Thursday 4 June, 6 – 8pm

Art as a Verb is a major thematic exhibition that takes as its departure point the concept of art as action, both inside the gallery and beyond. From the energy and anarchy of Fluxus, happenings and performance art, to contemporary relational and situational practices, Art as a Verb presents a range of projects from the 1960’s to today that challenge the traditional role of the artist, the art object and the site of exhibition.

With over 60 artworks, and drawing on the notion of the dematerialisation of art, Art as a Verb looks broadly at art’s relationship to the world and what constitutes the work of an artist. How do the varying roles of an artist (as instigator, facilitator, teacher, performer, consumer or visionary) fit within broader society? And how does the museum or gallery support art forms that function beyond the art object?

The exhibition showcases actions and performances, situational pieces, instructional works, manifestos and interactive props, bringing together iconic artworks from a wide range of Australian and international practitioners.

MUMA Curatorium: Charlotte Day, Francis E. Parker and Patrice Sharkey

Artspace Curators: Talia Linz (lead) and Alexie Glass-Kantor

Exhibition Design: Shahmen Suku

First conceived by Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) in 2014, Art as a Verb has been reworked for Artspace and includes additional works unseen in previous iterations.