studio artist

Matthew Griffin

Above: Matthew Griffin in his Artspace Studio, 2018. Photo: Jessica Maurer

Matthew Griffin is an Australian artist whose practice engages a wide range of media including sculpture, photography, video, installation and collage. Recurring themes in his works include: the body as an object in relation to other objects; the makeshift and impermanent as sculptural qualities; and the contemporary ubiquity of cameras and the resulting difficulty of producing meaningful images in the post-internet age. In recent projects he has examined the way humour functions in both a visual and narrative form, and the ethical dilemmas associated with the production of contemporary art. Griffin’s most recent project has been a large scale video installation commissioned by the Melbourne Festival for the show “The Humours” at Monash University Museum of Art.

He has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. Solo exhibitions include: Ddesign, Neon Parc, Melbourne, 2017; Matt Griffin, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington, 2015; Going going bye-gones, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington, 2011; Running running regards, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne, 2009; and Ttommorroww will be dfferent, The Physics Room, Christchurch, 2007. Selected recent group exhibitions include: Art as a verb, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, 2014; The Financial Report, ArtSpace, Sydney, 2013; In the cut: Contemporary collage, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Melbourne, 2013; New 09, ACCA, Melbourne, 2009; Make a scene, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney, 2009; and Laughing in a foreign language, The Hayward Gallery, London, 2008.