Contributors: Alexie Glass-Kantor, Stephen Gilchrist, Kani Kim, Ayoung Kim, Michelle Newton, Hannah Donnelly, June Miskell, Gahee Park, Eugene Hannah Park, Johanna Bear, Soo-Min Shim
Editors: Seoul Museum of Art (Gahee Park, Kani Kim, Eugene Hannah Park); Artspace (Alexie Glass-Kantor, Michelle Newton, Johanna Bear)
Editorial Assistant: Yuanyu Li
Artwork Texts by: Jessyca Hutchens
Korean Copyeditors: Hwalsung Park, Misol Lee
English Copyeditor: Kay Campbell (The Comma Institute)
Translators: Kani Kim, Eugene Hannah Park, Jaeyong Park,Soyoon Ryu & Seorim Kim, Miji Lee
Design: Mark Gowing (Formist); Chris Ro (ADearFriend),assisted by Minsoo Kim
Printing: Munsung Print

Publisher: Jee-Sook Beck, General Director of Seoul Museum of Art
Published by Seoul Museum of Art

This book is published to accompany the exhibition 경로를 재탐색합니다UN/LEARNING AUSTRALIA at SeMA, Seoul Museum of Art.

An unprecedented publication that challenges the standard representations of Australia, co-edited by Artspace Sydney and the Seoul Museum of Art.

Bound in two adjoining volumes, this significant publication opens with a suite of unique artist pages, featuring new content from artists, collectives and art centres responding to ideas of unlearning. Collectively, they form a kind of secondary exhibition. This is followed by the works of participating artists, collectives and art centres, alongside a series of readings, including essays and experimental texts by Stephen Gilchrist, Hannah Donnelly, Ayoung Kim, June Miskell and Soo-Min Shim, art centre interviews, and curatorial perspectives from contributors in both Australia and South Korea. Translations of ‘unlearning’ from artists, collectives and art centres punctuate the publication and showcase the diverse languages spoken across the country.

Co-designed by Mark Gowing (Formist) and Chris Ro (ADearFriend) and beautifully printed and bound in South Korea, 경로를 재탐색합니다 UN/LEARNING AUSTRALIA features important works by Abdul Abdullah, Brook Garru Andrew, Club Ate, Richard Bell, Daniel Boyd, Johnathon World Peace Bush, Madison Bycroft, Timothy Cook, Megan Cope, Robert Fielding, Zaachariaha Fielding, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Matthew Griffin, Taloi Havini, Timo Hogan, IVI (lead artists Ruha Fifita, Minaira Fifita, Sheida Vazir-Zadeh), Iwantja Women’s Collaborative, Iwantja Men’s Collaborative, Soda Jerk, Helen Johnson, Alex Martinis Roe, Carol McGregor, Archie Moore, Kunmanara (Peter) Mungkuri, Mrs Norris, Vincent Namatjira, Mel O’Callaghan, Lawrence Pennington, Yhonnie Scarce, Leyla Stevens, Lennard Walker, Judy Watson, Ms Wirrpanda, Pedro Wonaeamirri and Ms Yunupiŋu.

To order the 경로를 재탐색합니다 UN/LEARNING AUSTRALIA publication, please visit Formist Edition's website. 

경로를 재탐색합니다 UN/LEARNING AUSTRALIA is supported by the Australian Embassy in the Republic of Korea, the Australia-Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian Government through the Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program, and through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts and funding advisory body. Sponsored by Kukje Gallery, and the Wesfarmers Collection of Australian Art, Perth.