Helen Johnson
Warm Ties

Published by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London and Artspace, Sydney, 2018
Editors: Juliette Desorgues and Talia Linz
Authors: Stephen Gilchrist and Helen Hughes
Print: Special T Print, Sydney

Helen Johnson's new publication, Warm Ties, documents the exhibition of Warm Ties at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London and Artspace, Sydney. This full colour publication includes original texts by Stephen Gilchrist and Helen Hughes.

Johnson weaves and overlays historical and contemporary signifiers creating points of tension and reflection through the medium of painting. This body of work resituates 19th century images of the white man as an imperialist brute, a sycophant and a greedy solipsist, scaling them up and reasserting them – they are the founding historical legacy for non-Indigenous Australians.

Warm Ties is a co-publication by Artspace and the ICA, with support from Châtteau Shatto, Los Angeles, Pilar Corrias, London and Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.

Helen Johnson: Warm Ties was co-commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London and Artspace, Sydney. Warm Ties was assisted by Arts Council England and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its art funding and advisory body. Its development and presentation was supported by Commissioning Partner the Keir Foundation.

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