Panel Discussion

Fat Liberation through Fat Art (or Beauty is a Red Herring)

Wed 23 Jun 2021
Live online via Zoom

Above: M. Sunflower, Fearless Fat, 2020, digital print, 59.4 x 59.4 cm. Courtesy the artist
Wed 23 Jun 2021, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Live online via Zoom

Join us online for a panel discussion with artists M. Sunflower, Substantia Jones and Lissy Cole, moderated by Dr Cat Pausé. Building upon M. Sunflower's current Ideas Platform exhibition, Fearless Fat, this panel will explore fat art, activism, liberation and visibility. 

‘Visibility is a key strategy in all human rights campaigns, and fat art by fat artists is vital to the ongoing fight for human rights for fat people.

Fat Activism Art is a movement in progress, that has been happening since at least the 1960s and has been largely ignored by institutions and historians. This is slowly beginning to change, due to thousands of artists working worldwide and sharing at an underground level using social media as a communication tool.’ – M. Sunflower

What basic human rights are we fighting for? What is the next step towards Fat Liberation? What can the public do to help fight for human rights for all?


  1. Mycroft Masada Holmes - Westminster Flabby

  2. M. Sunflower:

  3. Substantia Jones: and @adipositivity on Facebook and Instagram

  4. Lissy Cole: Kia ora Instagram handle is @lissyandrudi and website is