Ideas Platform

Tina Havelock Stevens

30 Aug – 23 Sep 2018

Above: Tina Havelock Stevens, 'THE OUTSIDE IS THE INSIDE', 2003/2018, digital still, courtesy the artist
43–51 Cowper Wharf Roadway
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
Sydney Australia

Here we have a film about a crowd. An ever-evolving and growing crowd outside a one-off intimate concert with The Rolling Stones that took place in February 2003 at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. Fifteen years ago. There were 2200 fans inside and many outside having their own authentic experience.

This is a portrait soaked in international rock and roll legend with a sense of Sydney locality. These archives are records of memory and a little self-referential. We see a past version of Sydney, a time without smartphones. There’s a different sort of presence. A sense of freedom.

Documentary lives on an elastic spectrum. I’m looking at the past in order to make sense of this future. I like to improvise, for things to unfold, to enjoy a sense of the new. I make films like I play the drums. I’ve always liked the fly on the wall approach and to respond to events in the real world no matter how unreal it seems.

- Tina Havelock Stevens