Outside of the gallery space, Artspace supports a multi-year national touring program in partnership with Museums & Galleries of NSW.

This partnership enables us to plan and deliver a comprehensive touring schedule for exhibitions and extend the life and reach of our programs to new audiences across regional Australia.

Currently touring 

Just Not Australian

Just Not Australian brings together 19 artists across generations to deal broadly with the origins and implications of contemporary Australian nationhood. 

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Mel O'Callaghan

Centre of the Centre

Mel O'Callaghan presents an exhibition that traces the origins of life and its regenerative forces, iterated through video, performance and sculpture.

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Tracey Moffat and Gary Hillberg

Mointages: The Full Cut 1999-2015

Montages: The Full Cut 1999-2015
is the first institutional presentation of the full suite of artist Tracey Moffatt and editor Gary Hillberg’s eight Montages created in collaboration.

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