Countess Fundraising Campaign Launch

Countess Fundraising Campaign Launch
 | Thursday 25 May, 6:30pm
Location | Artspace, Level 2, Seminar Room


The Countess blog is the go-to online resource on gender equality in art education, art practice and contemporary art culture. It was established in 2008 by artist Elvis Richardson to generate awareness of the gap in gender representation in the Australian contemporary art sector. This data has been frequently cited and widely discussed both nationally and internationally, and has become an invaluable resource and platform for documentation and commentary on the Australian (and globalised) socio-cultural environments in which contemporary art is produced and exhibited. The ongoing gathering of data and statistics and the Countess report released in 2014 has resulted in deeper reflection about gender and inclusivity in the arts.


The work of Countess remains vital to the Australian cultural landscape and this fundraising campaign will facilitate a number of projects including: digital archiving of the blog; design and development of a new website; the creation of educational resources to insert into school curriculum; and the establishment of an editorial board to lead a community of dialogue, critique and inclusion around Countess data and statistics.


To launch this campaign Elvis Richardson will share a potted history of Countess and the aims and objectives going forward in addition to a timely count of gender representation in the 2017 Venice Biennale, followed by a conversation with Miranda Samuels that will unpack issues and ideas pertinent to Countess's future direction. Miranda is an Artist Educator at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, a community art education organiser and team member of Countess who is currently working on the Countess fundraising projects and future plans. Artist Zoe M. Robertson will also present a new performance entitled Institution.