Jelena Telecki | Bubble diagrams 

Exhibition Opening
Wednesday 3 May, 6pm

Exhibition Dates
4 – 21 May



Jelena Telecki, Bubble diagram (detail), 2017. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Elise Harmsen

Jelena Telecki, Bubble diagram (detail), 2017. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Elise Harmsen


Jelena Telecki is a Sydney-based artist. At the centre of her painting practice is an exploration of collective and personal histories and the notion of failure, interests that have recently extended into sculpture and installation. Bubble diagrams stems from the artist’s interest in false advertising, misguided ideas, bogus victories as well as the autopoietic nature of art making. Each work acts as a separate, but co-existing 'bubble': a point of intersection between the self-referential and the collective.


Telecki holds a Masters of Visual Arts from the University of Sydney, and over the past ten years has actively exhibited nationally and internationally in group and solo exhibitions including Big Cheese, curated by Alex Gawronski and Justene Williams, Contemporary Art Centre Tasmania, Hobart, 2016;  Casual Conversation, Verging on Harassment, Minerva, Sydney; NEW14,  curated by Kyla McFarlane, Australian Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne; ‘University selection 2014-2015’, Museum of University of Tsukuba, Japan; and the 5th TERMINAL/00/: Obsession, curated by Piera Ravnikar, Ada Street Gallery, London, 2009.  Telecki is a resident artist at 55 Sydenham Rd, Marrickville.  



This project was assisted by a grant from Arts NSW, an agency of the New South Wales Government and supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian State and Territory Governments.

The program is administered by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA).