studio artist

BC Institute

Above: BC Institute in their Artspace studio, 2017. Photo: Jessica Maurer

BC Institute’s projects are informed by queer and feminist methodologies, taking the form of artistic, curatorial, publishing and educational projects. BC Institute honours the work of Barbara Cleveland, a pioneering feminist performance artist working in Sydney during the 1970s until her untimely death in 1981. Despite her significant body of work, her performances remain relatively unknown in the history of Australian art. Barbara is a speculative and imagined figure: BC Institute is the axis that her truth and fiction circulate.  BC Institute’s recent projects have been presented by Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), Artspace (Sydney), The Physics Room (Christchurch), Australian Experimental Art Foundation (Adelaide), Performance Space (Sydney), National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul) and Monash University Museum of Art (Melbourne). In 2016 BC Institute will be developing two new projects for the 20th Biennale of Sydney and the Art Gallery of NSW that pivot around the figure of Cleveland to examine how feminist methodologies and alternative historiographical approaches can be used to reimagine past acts and events in the here-and-now.