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How far in advance does Artspace plan exhibitions?

How is Artspace funded?

Can I get permission to use images?

How can I work at Artspace? Do you have an internship program?

Does Artspace have a membership program?

Do you have a volunteer program?

How can I access Artspace's publications?

Does Artspace sell art?


Are Artspace studios available for hire or rent?


Can I propose an exhibition at Artspace?

Does Artspace have a permanent collection, and can I propose my work for acquisition?

Is Artspace available to hire for exhibitions?


Is Artspace available to hire for private events?

Can I take photographs in the gallery?

Do you have guided tours?

Where is the closest parking to Artspace?

Does Artspace run art classes?

Does Artspace charge for entry?

Is Artspace wheelchair accessible?