OLC Art Collective

The OLC Art Collective consists of a diverse group of artists based in Woolloomooloo, who have been working out of the Ozanam Learning Centre studio since 2014.

Original Action


For 52 ACTIONS, we used chalk as an ephemeral medium for drawing and mark-making to map our thoughts and feelings directly onto the urban environment that we live within. These drawings touch upon our sense of belonging and location to reflect our strength as a diverse and inclusive community-based arts group.

Contributing artists: Gabriel Azzi, Penny Baldwin, Tina Cheung, Stephen Corry, Cheyenne Crus, Gavin Cutter, Laura Entralla, Samantha Le, Hilary Monkton, Felix Morgan, Aaron Newman, Mai Tan Nguyen, Julie Noreen, Nhi Phung, Vijaya Sen, Hayden Walker and Irene (anon).

Designed and curated by Ozanam Learning Centre organisers: Gabrielle Freer, Joel Steller and Renee Rosa.

This project was supported by the City of Sydney and the Copyright Agency


Artists: Felix Morgan, Gavin Cutter
Location: Forbes Street, Woolloomooloo


‘I chose to draw the turtle because the turtle is a beautiful creature of the sea, and it represents life’ – Hayden Walker

Artists: Irene, Hayden Walker, Mai Tan Nguyen
Location: Forbes Street, Woolloomooloo


‘I think bees are beautiful, I also think they are very useful’ – Nhi Phung

‘I used to be a bus driver in Sydney. I like buses and have drawn the 311 which drives through the city to Woolloomooloo via Kings Cross’ – Hilary Monkton

Artists: Hilary Monkton, Nhi Phung, Cheyenne Crus
Location: Walla Mulla Park, Woolloomooloo


‘I always draw bright flowers because when I see them my life is brighter, and I forget about the darkness and stress. I hope they help people’s souls like they have helped me’ – Samantha Le

‘I drew these pictures to demonstrate how our waterways are affected by pollution and to help people be more mindful about recycling’ – Julie Noreen

Artists: Samantha Le, Vijaya Sen, Julie Noreen
Location: Forbes Street and Walla Mulla Park, Woolloomooloo


‘The artwork shows a message that is coming to me that could see me with chains taken off’– Stephen Corey

‘I have been watching a lot of films recently produced by a company called Hopscotch and this brought me back to childhood memories of playing it’ - Gabriel

Artists: Stephen Corry, Gabriel Azzi
Location: Matthew Talbot Hostel


Artists: Tina Cheung, Julie Noreen, Laura Entralla
Location: Forbes Street, Woolloomooloo


Artists: Aaron Newman, Penny Baldwin, Julie Noreen
Location: Forbes Street and Walla Mulla Park, Woolloomooloo



Penrith Regional Gallery, 2022

OLC Art Collective, 2022. Installation view, 52 ACTIONS, Penrith Regional Gallery, Sydney. Photo: Document Photography