Chris Yee

Chris Yee (b. 1989) initially majoring in graphic and textiles design, is a Ryde (Sydney) based Artist, working Illustrator, Designer & Animator specialising in traditional “pen and paper” methodologies. He believes in the power of character and storytelling and is heavily drawn to constructing narratives ranging from the humorous to the monstrous and macabre.

Growing up in 90’s Ryde, amongst the strong communities of Eastwood he is a proud member of the evolving Asian-Australian Creative identity. He strongly believes there is a unique character and original narrative found within this changing community.

Outside his art practice, Chris is a designer and animator who has produced work for some of Australia’s best-known brands, including VIVID Festival Sydney, Sony Australia, Samsung – Opera House, Estée Lauder, Justin Bieber, Universal Music, Marvel Comics. Chris spoke at Sydney’s 2019 Semi Permanent festival on Future creative youth and industry. In 2019 he created his first Permanent Heritage Artwork, Tumbalong for Chinatown, Haymarket, Sydney.

Original Action


Crossing Line is series of new animations that expands on my previous joint community project Eastwood Threads developed in 2020 with and amongst local residents during the middle of the covid year, collecting and interpreting their personal histories, thoughts and interactions with the suburb.

Eastwood as a cultural study is split 50/50 with strong and distinct Korean and Chinese communities. Geographically, Eastwood is divided through the centre by a train station so both communities rarely directly interact with each other. 

Growing up in Eastwood, I've always found it extremely interesting how these two communities have thrived independently but share similar cultural nuances and family practices that are especially embedded into their large elderly communities. In the year that was, these two often seperate communities were quickly forced into a collective bubble quickly sharing growing pains - whether generational, traditional, miscommunication, concern, self-fear, hope and apathy.

With these animations I wish to fill the gaps between the unspoken elements in the community and highlight the small exchanges, similarities and strides of change and cultural understanding of each other in my hometown.


Romeo and Juliet, 2021
Animation with video shot in Eastwood, Sydney


Us and Them, 2021
Animation with video shot in Eastwood, Sydney


Tag, 2021
Animation with video shot in Eastwood, Sydney