2020 One Year Studio Artists

Marian Abboud

Marian Abboud is a multi-disciplinary Western Sydney based artist. She works across various technologies to create projected images that feed into performance, installation and site-specific works.

Seth Birchall

Seth Diego Birchall is a Sydney-based artist. Working primarily through painting, Birchall's practice explores the mediums history, its versatility and its narrative and romantic possibilities.

Rainbow Chan

Chun Yin Rainbow Chan is a producer, vocalist and interdisciplinary artist of Hong Kong-Chinese descent, living in Sydney.

Rochelle Haley

Rochelle Haley’s practice is engaged with painting, drawing and movement to explore relationships between bodies and physical environments. Working with dancers, her installation and performance works investigate space structured around the sensation of the moving body.

Fiona Lowry

Fiona Lowry is an Sydney-based painter. Inspired by specific sites and histories, Lowry's work is also deeply responsive to the human condition.

The Re-Right Collective

The re-right collective (Re-Right) is an artistic collective between Dennis Golding, Carmen Glynn-Braun and Nikita Holcombe that spans across artistic, curatorial, writing and research disciplines.

TV Moore

TV Moore works across a range of media, including video, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, animation and theatrical forms.

2017 Studio Artist Justene William's Artspace Studio. Photo: Jessica Maurer

2017 Studio Artist Justene William's Artspace Studio. Photo: Jessica Maurer

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