West Space Journal Issue 4 Launch

Launch of West Space Journal Issue 4
When | Saturday 6 June, 3pm 
Location | Artspace, Ground Floor


Following our Ideas Platform public program with Jeff Gibson on Saturday 6 June, Artspace is pleased to host the Sydney launch of West Space Journal 4, guest-edited by Sarinah Masukor and Gavan Blau. WSJ is an online platform for criticism and commissions that mirrors the artist-led spirit of West Space, based in Melbourne. Contributors to the Journal are artists, writers, type designers, musicians, oral historians, ethnographers, programmers and poets who are interested in the critical dialogue surrounding contemporary art and its application online. WSJ4 began by asking contributors to respond to the question “what was a mining boom?” We hoped to construct “an archaeology of the mining boom as a loose historical period”. 

The launch will feature a special reading of 'Keheningan Dalam Air’ by WSJ4 Editor Sarinah Masukor and ‘Techniques Against Optimism’ by Astrid Lorange and Andrew Brooks, followed by a discussion about the Journal itself with Editors Rowan McNaught and Kelly Fliedner.