Artspace develops its exhibition program through a collaborative ‘curatorium’ process and prides itself on working closely with artists. Artists drive what we do. Artspace understands that the best exhibitions are developed through a durational process that evolves over time, enabling responsive and reciprocal relationships with artists. 


Over the next three years, Artspace’s exhibition program will focus on cross-generational, interdisciplinary, culturally diverse and socially and critically-engaged art. 

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions


15 Dec - 11 Feb 2024
Jonathan Jones | untitled (transcriptions of country)

Artspace is pleased to announce Wiradyuri and Kamilaroi artist Jonathan Jones will present the inaugural exhibition at Artspace at The Gunnery when it reopens from Friday 15 December 2023 – 11 February 2024, before the exhibition tours nationally. Jones’s exhibition untitled (transcriptions of country) explores colonial transport, trade and the acclimatisation of Indigenous plants, animals and objects along with the colonisation of local knowledge.

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